Sorry!; New Year Started…

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. 🙁 Busy having fun on vacation! 🙂 I’ve been taking the time to start fresh in the school year and set my standards higher this year. 7th Grade hasn’t been that nice with HW. It was just the first week and a pile of homework came and toppled over me like a big pile of rocks only shoulders. Especially weekend homework. With some of you guys you don’t have weekend homework… that just means your one lucky person.


Plus I went to Catalina for a back to school retreat! I went snorkeling with Ilaria! (She was my snorkle buddy!) I played games with my classmates spent time with friends. I did this prank on Eli which was hilarious! We did what I am forced to say is Long Division. (A pitch black dark maze.) With unexpected steps, slides, and even climbing! Our grade did Labs to learn about the oceans creatures, even ones that live in the dark! Anyway We went back to Long Beach on a boat called Catalina Cruises or what some other people refer it as Catalina King. The next thing we know our bus was here before us! My classmates and I took a long cramped 1 our ride back to our school. Went back to our parents, and began the weekend.


On Sunday I wake up early like every other school morning but this was the first FIRST day of school. Packed everything together and drove to school. The nice thing is 7th graders upgrade from outdoor bench tables to covered less disgusting circular tables. We even got new laptops, new teachers and classrooms, and even a new BUILDING! For Preforming Arts, Technology, and Art Room. Our New and Improved school, is amazing! Except we are 7th grade and next year our class leaves our school. We even got a new principal. Our other one retired. 😐

In Conclusion a TON of things have been happening to me over the past couple weeks!


Next Generation Dancers

Hey Guys,

I was just watching Youtube and was watching these dancers called the Next Generation Dancers. There performances are terrific!

They have tons of style with thier clothing; grace in their dance moves; and most importantly T-A-L-E-N-T! I couldn’t dance like that if I even tried! I took Fancy Feet for 2 years and wasn’t able to dance like that! I mean Facy Feet tought me well just I only took it for 2 years there is nothing wrong with Fancy Feet at all.

You have to watch their videos! Thats why I posted them right down below. 🙂

Supplier of the videos is rdneudeck

Good Huh? :)


Kerry :)

FIDM-Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Hey Guys,

During the Summer in my 3 week course of sewing I visited FIDM a collage for people with the gift of Fashion like me. (Not to be rude.) I visited July 12, 2012 on a Thursady. Our Tour Guide was named Kristen. (Exact Spelling of her name.) Our co- Tour Guide was named Lydia. (I think thats the exact spelling.)

Anyways FIDM made many people famous for example you know Juicy Coture right? The person who started it came from FIDM. They have a whole wall of Juicy stuff there. Rumor has it that the name “Juicy” came from where she was chewing Juicy Fruit gum during FIDM collage.

Anyway the first showings of Project Runway the fashion show was showing at FIDM. They tried keeping it on the DL but people found out eventually. They used Level 3 which is a nice big room and the maniquines probably still has the names of the fashion designer to tell where the outfit is supposed to go.

FIDM is completely reccomended by me and is a school for the fashionably gifted. You can also do movies or t.v shows as a carrer on the first floor of FIDM.




The STUPID New Republic

Hey Guys,

The New infuriating news on is that new issue of *The New Republic titling Somethings Rotten. The Magazine photoshops Kate Middleton’s teeth to make her have bad publicity. What Dorks. Anyway People on and you maybe one of them commented on this crime here is a few…

KP on Yahoo comments: “That is so wrong !!!! Shut them down…… Just do not buy it.” with a thumbs up of 273 people and 71 people thumbs down to this conclusion.

Sachiel writes on Yahoo: “This American did not know the mag existed before and has no intentions of buying it now.” with a thumbs up of 368 people and a thumbs down of 9 people.

SRV writes on Yahoo: “How to Sell Magazines 101:  Tick off an entire country.” with a thumbs up of 447 people and a thums down of 10 people.

The site to this catastrophe reported by Yahoo is linked HERE

*I am not going to post the website of the whole start of this because it creates publicity for them and their rotten minds will keep enforcing their cruelness to other celebrites around the world.


Kerry 🙂

My Birthday!

Hey Guys!!

Its My Birthday on July 3rd, 2012 which is today I already turned 12 because I was born around 8:00 am.

Question: When is your birthday?

Tell me! I would love to know!

There was an ugly, icky, fog this morning; but now it’s clearing up!

Tomorrow everyone should know is the 4th of July! America’s Independence Day!

I’m celebrating by going to the Palasades Parade and going to my nextdoor neighbors for a party!

-Wish me luck!


Ultimate Trip

Hey Guys,

I know I have shared my summer plans wth you but this plan I recently finished about a week ago.


Here I have given you an Animoto. (The link is on the sidebar of this blog.) Enjoy~



Summer FUN!

Hey Guys!

So if you have been wondering what summer fun have I have doing??

Well I just finished a UCLA Volleyball Camp. (Only for volleyball not for school purposes.)

Next up I have a Sewing Class at Marymount and I’m taking that class for a week.

Finally I believe I am going to Hume Lake with fellow classmates you can check their websites on Mrs. Kelly’s Side Bar.

Now all you need to do is tell me what your doing this summer and I’ll be happy to know what plans you have! 🙂

Have the best SUMMER!!!


Summer is HERE!

Hey Guys,

So last week should I say because today is Sunday, June 10th, 2012. WE FINISHED OUR FINALS on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012! The 7th of June was our Graduation for the 8th Grade and Moving Up Ceremony of TK-7th. In 1 more year (considerably) my grade will be 8th graders!!

So some of you will probably think “Aww man!” “I haven’t finished finals yet!”  That’s okay because you can push on throught and make it! Don’t worry about a thing just STUDY HARD and you will get a big fat “A+”!

Mrs. Kelly’s Class the “famous class” I happen to be in had our own Champion Blogger! If you want to check that out click HERE.

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*None of them are in order*


-Kerry 🙂