Make It Global- Week 4 Challenge

Joesph Kony and Kony 2012 project

In week 4 of the student blogging challenge of Going Global, I am zooming in on Kony 2012. I’m focusing on this because this is important Joesph Kony is a terrible person and takes his own race to create the LRA. You’ll find out more in the paragraph.


He was born Odek, Uganda in 1961. When Joesph Kony was 15, he stopped going to Church and School to become the village Witch Doctor. In the 1980’s he started having the idea of doing the LRA also known as Lord’s Resistance Army. There is not much about Joesph Kony because he isn’t one of those authors who will make a whole website about him. He, Joesph Kony all the way in Uganda right now and has already abducted more than 66,000 children Africa. This has been beginning in 1986 and has been continuing to this day. In 2005 The International Criminal Court blamed Joesph Kony for war crimes but he still continues to abduct the African Children. Some are too scared to admit he is still alive and some can face that fact. This was inspired By Week 4- Make it Global telling us students to make something Go Global. Kony 2012 Organization is also great organization and inspiration to help this cause. Another cause is Invisible Children.. That was the main cause for helping.


I can tell you how to help:


  1. Go to the websites I put in the paragraph or in the resources down below. But only go to the Kony 2012 website or Invisible Children.
  2. Buy the Kony kit which carries these products:

A large poster, one small poster a couple stickers, two pins, and two bracelets.


  1. Message anyone in the Kony 2012 website.
  2. Donate a couple dollars a month to Kony 2012.
  3. And you are a real miracle to follow these steps.


Thank you for looking at Kerry’s Blog


Week 4- Make it Global

Watch The Video To Help Here:




Joesph Kony Image




2 thoughts on “Make It Global- Week 4 Challenge

  1. Hello Kerry! To tell you the truth, I didn’t know anything about Joseph Kony before I read your paragraph. Thank you very much for sharing infomation. He is a terrible person and it’s necessary to stop him. I have a baby boy and I would die if such a criminal abducted him one day. So I sympathize with mothers who lost their children and I have signed the pledge to help bring Kony to justice.

    If you have time, come and visit our blog Bye!

    • -Mrs. Flower
      I’m glad you agree we all need to bring Joesph Kony to justice.
      He is a very terrible man, and any mother would agree with you if their child was abducted.
      I will most definatley visit your blog! Thank you for the comment.


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