Summer is HERE!

Hey Guys,

So last week should I say because today is Sunday, June 10th, 2012. WE FINISHED OUR FINALS on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012! The 7th of June was our Graduation for the 8th Grade and Moving Up Ceremony of TK-7th. In 1 more year (considerably) my grade will be 8th graders!!

So some of you will probably think “Aww man!” “I haven’t finished finals yet!”  That’s okay because you can push on throught and make it! Don’t worry about a thing just STUDY HARD and you will get a big fat “A+”!

Mrs. Kelly’s Class the “famous class” I happen to be in had our own Champion Blogger! If you want to check that out click HERE.

Now for the *Student Blogging Challenge Winners* you guys chose these people

1. Lizabeth’s Blog on Week 6

2. Black and White on Week 6

3. The Coloring Book on Week 6

4. Marc’s Blog on Week 5

5. Johanna’s Blog #17, 18, 19 on Week 5

*None of them are in order*


-Kerry 🙂


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